Sightseeing London at its Best
Are you thinking of having time-out for yourself or with someone special? Is London one waiting to be ticked off of you bucket list? Then it’s time to get out there and experience the best that London can offer. With the vast opportunities for sightseeing in London, you’ll find that there is no time to slow down during your stay. You’ll find yourself wanting to stay for longer than you thought. Here we have a list of some of the many tourist attractions suitable for foreign sightseeing in London.

If you are a culture-savvy tourist, it is imperative that you do your sightseeing in London first of all at the world famous British Museum. The myriad of showcases and art displays here show the various creations and genius of man since way back then up to the more modern art pieces of today. The greater deal is that entry here is absolutely free for the public. If you want a more contemporary take on gallery art, then perhaps the Tate Modern is the right place for you. Previously a power station, the uniqueness of its appearance and form makes it popular to locals and tourists alike.

Aside from cultural art exhibits, this spot also boasts of five-star restaurants to cater to your every appetite need. Are you a fan of Van Gogh, da Vinci, and Botticelli? It’s time to celebrate, because sightseeing in London only gets better with the Natural History Museum. These mentioned are only some of the many artists featured in this museum. A life-sized blue whale and a 40-million year-old spider are some of the more exotic key spots of this museum. Other museums worth the visit are the Science Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, Madame Tussauds, Royal Museums Greenwich, among others.


Image by conorwithonen
If you are more of a scenery appreciator, then go ahead and book an appointment at the EDF Energy London Eye. Skyline and heights are two words that go well here. Holding the record as the world’s highest observation wheel, tourists are taken on the ride of their life while observing the most serene views that one can experience whilst sightseeing in London. Another towering feat is the Tower of London. Aside from being one of the world’s most famous buildings, it also is one of the Yeoman Wonders. Whatever your taste for vacations is, London is a sure-fire hit!

Undiscovered Paths: Walking Ben Nevis
Ben Nevis is one of the most regarded tourist paths for walking not only in the UK but in the whole world. There are many things that tourists can do and experience through the course of the walking.

Walking Ben Nevis has attracted professional adventurists, outdoor enthusiasts and newbie hikers all across the globe. It is recommended that you bring a map and compass during the walk. There are many instances where the outdoors will tempt you to take alternative routes and explore other paths, and as such, these helpful utilities will be a godsend to avoid getting lost and losing precious time. Another imperative in walking Ben Nevis is securing a camera to be able to take hold of the moment. The path is not only every adventurer’s dream, it also provides one of the best views and sceneries worth capturing.


Image by Paul Blackburn
The great thing about walking Ben Nevis is that every tourist will surely feel aware of where he or she is starting at the beginning of the walk. There are a few steep areas and these have been conveniently provided with steps. The steepness is common at the early parts of the walk until it progresses into a moderate slog.

Walkers are always to be found on the path, and this is another great thing about walking Ben Nevis. Traveling alone or in groups is not really an issue. There is always a chance of meeting different and interesting people along the way. Having new company who share the same enthusiasm for the outdoors definitely adds up to the experience and makes the course more fun. Aside from people, other friendly companions to be seen along the path include sheep.

As you will continue, the path will come across the mountains and the course will rise higher as you go on. This point presents many opportunities for taking photos since the views from up here are very scenic and beautiful. Eventually, you will start realizing that you have come up higher than everything else. This is the favorite part of the path for many hikers. Also, this is a great spot for a rest break from all the walking in order to appreciate the views as well.

Zigzag paths will also be encountered. During the walk through these parts, most walkers think that they are ready to give up, and then they slowly start seeing the greener terrain change into grey rocks. Some even commonly mistake this point on as the end of the walk. Much to their demise, it usually takes two more hours to reach the end of the path. This is why extreme outdoorsy people love walking Ben Nevis so much. It is both beautiful and challenging.

As the summit is reached, though, you will feel that it was all worth it. The view from this altitude is worth a thousand words. The top is so spacious that it can house a couple of football fields. After immersing in the triumphant hike to the summit, the descent will seem so much easier. Walking Ben Nevis is truly one experience that every person should take.