Are you getting married soon? We’re sure that you’re as excited as ever. In the midst of all the planning and preparing for the big day, it’s no secret that the honeymoon getaway is one of the things you look most forward to. In celebration of taking your relationship to the next level, we have listed down the top picks for honeymoon destinations for you.

The Caribbean
This pick is an all-time favorite over the years. With more than twenty islands to explore, the tropical appeal of the Caribbean will surely be a delight. It is best known for its magnificent waterfalls, dolphin watching, coral reefs and shipwrecks, and an endless bed of flowers wherever you go. Whether you’re in for an adventurous time or toned down relaxation, you will have the best time of your life. Imagine navigating the islands’ high rises during the day and hitting the local bar scene at night – or probably spending the day reading a good book while enjoying a cocktail in one of the comfy hammocks.


Image by Patrick Nouhailler
The Caribbean’s most popular islands include St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Bermuda, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico.

When you say honeymoon, we think Hawaii. Why not? Who could ever go wrong with beaches and nature’s best sceneries? In addition to the spectacular view, Hawaii boasts of its food, drinks, and culture to every visiting couple. The activities that you can do on this island are endless – with the warm and relaxing weather, you can enjoy swimming off the beach, sun bathing, snorkelling, diving, or simply hanging around the shores or pool sides. When the night comes, you can have a feast on the local cuisine, have a small luau party, enjoy some drinks, watch fire dancers, or just spend some time with your partner under the stars.

Nothing is more romantic than falling in love all over again in the streets of Paris. If you’re into the movies kind of romance, Europe is your ultimate honeymoon destination. Imagine having to experience many things all at once – the old world and modern tourist spots combined into one place. If you are looking for culture, the museums here are abundant. The fun activities that you can do here include going to the beaches and resorts (Italy), shopping and going to exhibits or galleries, marvelling at the architecture, enjoying some drinks at local pubs and bars (London), having coffee on street-side cafes and visiting avenues or boutiques (Paris) – and a whole lot more!


Image by agaw.dilim
The U.S.
Who needs to get out of the country to enjoy some romantic vacation with the person you love most? The United States is full of top destinations for those post-wedding butterflies. Couples who are into the partying vibe will have a blast in the Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Food and wine enthusiasts will find romance in Napa Valley, CA. Did you have a winter wedding? Then, the best honeymoon getaway for you would have to be skiing in the famous Lake Tahoe in Nevada. Summer love birds, on the other hand, can pack their newlywed luggage to Florida, where they can enjoy the beaches as well as swim with the dolphins. If you are a certified New Yorker and just can’t go away for too far, then a day or two at Niagara Falls should do the trick, followed by some shopping in the city and Broadway shows to boot. These are just a number of the many states of the country, each one of which has its own honeymoon destination to check out.


Image by Robert Sanderson
We’ve been seeing a trend over the past few years with Asian countries being top tourist destinations all year round. Honeymoons are no exception, of course. Thailand is an all-time favorite, with an exotic and interesting culture and traditions best experienced in person. Actually, Thai’s dub their country as “sanuk” – a Thai word meaning “fun.” Need we say more?


Image by Mike Behnken
Beijing has recently risen up to the rank of being one of 2013’s top travel destinations. This Chinese paradise is the home of the famous wonder, the Great Wall of China, as well as the Forbidden City. While these are must-see tourist spots, make sure that you and your spouse also check out the local vibe – have a cup at tea houses, find bargains at the local markets, and mingle with the people. For tropical climate and sea shore fans, the Philippines is a top pick for your honeymoon. The archipelago, with its 7000+ islands, will make you want to extend your stay with all the fun things to try and the delicious food to eat. Its most famous destinations are the beaches of Boracay (heralded for its white sands and upbeat night life), Puerto Galera, El Nido in Palawan, Subic (where US armed forces once stayed during the World War II), the “Chocolate Hills” in Bohol, and the historic region of Ilocos, among so many others.