If you’re traveling to a particular place for the first time, it is a major concern to consider the place of your accommodation especially the neighborhood. For some first time travelers, the price and quality of the accommodation of the hotel where they stay also matters. If you are traveling to Sao Paulo in Brazil for the first time you can save time on searching and narrow down your options with this awesome guide on where to stay when you travel for the first time to Sao Paulo.


The kind of neighborhood where you stay matters

There are hundreds perhaps thousands of hotels in Sao Paolo and you may find yourself overwhelmed by the choices available to you. However, when choosing the place where you should stay not only involves the issue on what hotel can best serve your needs, but also how safe the neighborhood is and its accessibility to your itinerary and places you plan to visit.

.  Luxurious and prestigious neighborhood

If you have your eye on prestigious hotels and luxurious accommodation, Jardins and Vila Madalena are the places where you should start looking for this type of accommodation. By visiting the site www.uniktour.com/fr/voyage-bresil, you can get some help in finding the best luxury hotels within these neighborhoods. Jardins in particular is known for the high class hotels like the Emiliano, Tiyolli and Fasano, where their guests are from the higher class of society. There are also boutiques and designer stores along the streets and within walking distances you can reach the little Manhattan where classy shops are located. The Vila Madalena offers tourists a trendy neighborhood with great bars for a wonderful night life.


.  Business class neighborhood

First time guests of Sao Paulo may be coming for business and the Morumbi is the best place to stay. The highway Marginal Pinheiros cradles the largest corporate buildings. The Grand Hyatt hotel is the most popular place where corporate CEO’s stay on a business trip. You can also find the Morumbi Stadium that is worth visiting where major football events and concerts are held. If you are looking for a moderate place to stay in Sao Paulo, the Itaim Bibi is a place where you can find modest apartments to stay. There are many restaurants, shopping centers and clubs that are nearby too.


Booking your accommodation to Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil and there are several commercial districts in the city. Many tourists come to visit the city and owing to it being the commercial hub of Brazil, you should expect that the city hotels can be crowded most of the time. Whether you are looking for ordinary or luxurious accommodation during your stay in Sao Paulo you can have a good voyage Brésil. There are many types of accommodation available in Sao Paulo whether you want five star hotels, apartments, family friendly hotels or spa/boutique hotels. Make sure to book early and arrange your travel itinerary in advance to help you find the most suitable place to stay in Sao Paulo for the first time.