Sometimes a holiday isn’t just about relaxing; it’s about pushing your boundaries, exploring the world and seeing things you would never ordinarily be able to. Nature has a wealth of spectacular sights to choose from which will blow you away; all you need to do is get out there and find them! If you need a little help with exploring the world’s natural wonders, companies like Transun can help by offering packages designed to take your breath away.


Northern lights

Also known as Aurora borealis, the northern lights are an enchanting display caused by charged particles colliding with the upper atmosphere. These collisions release energy in the form of light, resulting in a rippling spectacle coloured with hues of green, blue and red. Trips to Lapland, the Arctic Circle and Norway all provide great opportunities to view these occurrences, and are provided by specialist travel companies like Transun.

Blue water

One of the most luxurious natural experiences that travel companies offer is a trip to the Blue lagoon in Iceland; a huge natural hot spring containing volcanically-heated mineral water. Lying back in the rejuvenating waters of the lagoon is pure bliss, and is thought by many to offer healing or other beneficial properties.

Sun in the night sky

In some Scandinavian countries, the sun doesn’t play by its usual rules: for most of the year, long periods of darkness lie over the land, where the sun hardly rises. In the summer however, the opposite is true, with the sun rising and staying up almost all night. The effect is due to the position of these countries close to the axis of the planet, where the earth is tilted in the direction of the sun for part of the year and away for the rest. Whilst this can be problematic for the locals, it makes for an undeniably unique experience for holiday-goers, who can enjoy the novelty of a 24-hour sunny day during their trip.

Exploding geysers

Enormous bursts of steaming water from the ground, geysers are extremely rare. They’re caused by volcanic activity, causing water to heat up and turn rapidly to steam, propelling the surrounding liquid up through cracks in the earth, into the air. They’re generally quite regular, with most erupting at specific time intervals, so they’re one of the more reliable natural sights you can hope to experience. Iceland hosts some of the most impressive geyser activity, and geysers themselves are named after an area of the country. Geysers in Iceland often have spas or saunas nearby, making the most of the naturally heated water underground.

Wildlife spotting

Most countries have something to offer when it comes to wildlife, whether it’s monkeys, lions, rare birds or whales. It’s definitely worth doing your homework and looking up the kinds of fauna your destination boasts, and whether you can book tours with spotting groups to see them for yourselves. Whale spotting in particular is an amazing thrill, though sightings are usually not guaranteed, so it’s wise to either book more than one trip or hope for luck!