We love certain places as we love certain beings because there is a chemistry that attracts us, because they represent emotions or memories … or simply as they are beautiful.

Changing-of-the-Guards-at-Buckingham-PalaceImage by edwin.11

I love London for all these reasons together. For me, London was the first outlet in a “real” city. I saw for the first time a really diverse city. I saw a city living. In the early days of June 2006 I came to London for my first time. It seemed to me a peculiar place. I remembered being so scared. I didn’t know from where I should begin. I’ve never seen before so many people in one single place and the streets were/are so crowded… Today everything seems to me, normal. I got used to it. Now, I succeed to look and admire. Today I’m able to find a store, a bookshop, a cafe. At first, I could see nothing but people and cars everywhere.

From then until now, every holiday I’m here… After a few days in the gorgeous capital of Great Britain, I can say that I don’t want to come back to my little provincial town.

I love England and particularly London City (I think in a past life I lived here).

So, I said you that London is a huge city, an alive metropolis, but it has its own funny peculiarities. In a long time spent on the streets that never end, I noticed some strange and funny things.

London-Cabs-Tower-Bridgeimage by Lars Plougmann

Maybe you know or not, in London there is a law that requires all cabs to carry a bale of hay. :-) I think it would be fun to put your luggage at the airport, onto the bale of hay in the trunk of the cab. But, don’t worry! The law is not respected. Today, only those who want to amuse put a bale of hay on their cab. Because, fact, this ancient law has never been abrogated.

In England, in general, you can drink in bars or pubs, but you’ re not allowed to get drunk. This is not so bad, no???? But this law is respected too … like the one with hay in cabs.

Another strange thing about people in this giant city: in the underground each year around 80,000 umbrellas are lost. And indeed there are many umbrellas in the underground. Very good for me. I had never an umbrella with me and now I know where I can get one for free.

People say that the first refuge at the street was installed in London in 1864, on the street St. James by the colonel Pierpoint. He feared he would be crushed crossing the street to Pall Mall Club. Ironically, he was hit by a taxi exactly at the inauguration, when he ran into the street to admire his achievement. I think this is law of attraction. I mean a kind of “you are what you think”.

A strange thing found recently ; House of Commons is the only building of the kingdom where the Queen is not allowed to enter, for the simple reason that she’ s not a member. Wow! I didn’t know it. I thought the Queen was allowed everywhere.

So, London is great, but funny and strange at the same time. After all this time, I can’t get used to the eternal “fish and chips” and still amuses me “the morning tea” or the daily newspaper brought polite every morning. In London I have a big smile on my face every day. This city has something delicious which makes you come back. If you were here once, you want to return to discover this place. It has something (and I don’t know what, maybe it’s something in the air :)) which stimulates your curiosity. You want to know, you want to find out more and more about it. Certainly London is a must see.

I don’t know about this city as much as I want to know and I didn’t see as much as I wanted to see, but I surely love it. And I love it because it is a place, a foreign place, that received me with a smile and smiles to me every time I come back.

London has many such delicious stories. Until next time, I hope I succeed to make you smile with this article.