Booking a holiday has never been quicker or easier.  Thanks to the Internet and with the advent of such sites as Newmarket Holidays (see here for Wiki overview), encountering that perfect week or so of relaxation is truly within your each.  In fact, you may even be considering to take a trek to a region on the other side of the globe.  While this is certainly possible, never forget that although there will be many aspects that you should plan for, jet lag can be one of the surprises that you did not consider in advance.  However, there are a handful of ways to minimise the chances of this lethargy encroaching upon your much-needed break from the world.


Drink and Drink Some More

Rest assured that in this sense, we are not referring to alcohol here.  On the contrary, drinking large quantities of water before and during your flight will not prevent jet lag, but it will drastically minimise its effects once you arrive at your destination.

Sleep on the Plane

This is undoubtedly easier for some of us that it is for others.  Still, sleeping on the plane will act as a way of “fooling” the circadian rhythm of your body.  Avoid taking sleeping pills, as you will only feel groggy upon arrival and will still have to contend with jet lag.  Instead, invest in a good pair of ear plugs, a sleeping mask and a pillow that supports your neck.

Negate the Nap

After a long flight, one of your first desires may be to check into your hotel room and immediately collapse upon a comfortable bed.  However, do not fall into this trap.  Recall that it is highly likely that your body is still on a different time clock.  Instead, take a quick shower and munch on a few pieces of fruit for a bit of added energy.  Only go to sleep later in the evening.  While you may indeed be tired for this first day, abstaining from sleep will actually help you to adjust more quickly to the local time zone.

Seek the Sun

One of the ways that our bodies understand that it is time to wake up is from the visual cue of the sun itself.  So, make it a point to get outdoors and if possible, relax on a beach in the sunlight upon arrival.  Of course, this is assuming that the weather is accommodating.  Should you happen to arrive during an unexpected rainstorm, it is best to find a public place with large, open-air windows.  If this is still not possible, any well-lit location will serve this temporary purpose.  Although your mind may realise that it is tired, your natural instincts will help keep you awake until the appropriate time to sleep later in the evening.

These are a few tips that will help lessen the impact that jet lag may have on your trip.  As a growing number of travellers are now visiting far-off destinations using sites such as Newmarket Holidays, you can take some solace in the fact that you are not the first or the last individual that will be forced to contend with jet lag.