Yachting is a sport that is both for leisure and sport. This boating adventure is simultaneous with luxury and expense. It is no wonder, then, that so many different locations around cater to the avid yachtsmen and his or her crew. These destinations are geared toward lux lifestyles, beautiful amenities, and extravagant tastes. With so many different options in travel, though, it can be difficult to know where you may want to travel on your next yachting adventure. The following is a list of some of the best yachting destinations around the world that you can use to narrow your search for the perfect sporting locale the next time you head out on the water.



Located in the South of France, Cannes is a beautiful city that brings together natural wonder and modern amenities. Notable for its famous film festival, this destination is perfect for the yachtsmen who want a taste of the good life. There are waterways along the Riviera where yachts can coast and anchor for a day of swimming and water activities. When the water gets a bit draining, then, these same individuals can head to one of the great five star restaurants in the city that scream luxury. There are seafood establishments and high-end French cuisine within a walking distance of the popular dock stations. Further, those who want to socialize with other sports participant can go to the annual boating festival that attracts individuals from around the world into one designated area.


Miami, Florida is one of the premier party ports of the southern United States. With white sandy beaches and a climate that is nearly tropical, this north of the equator city is thumping with the vivacity of Mexican, Spanish, Puerto Rican, and Cuban cultures all within the continental United States. The reason that this city is such a great spot for yachters is because it is a water-driven way of living. There are numerous yachting resorts located along the Miami cost as well as designated events for those in the yacht culture. Miami bars and nightlife are second to none. There are several clubs directly on the water that welcome yachters all year round. This is a great choice for those that want to improve their yachting trip with some fun and excitement on the sands as well. Remember, though, that the real fun happens on the Miami waters with their warm day breezes and cool night air. That is why this is a must stop for those searching for the perfect yachting destination.


One of the most popular and beautiful, not to mention extravagant, locations for yachting is Dubai. The modernized city has both physical amenities and water-based activities, too. There are large hotels and resorts that are geared specifically toward the world traveller. These resorts offer a taste of culture, unique food, and a flare for life that is both impressive and calming at the same time. Further, those who enjoy yachting will love the nearly fifty-miles of open coastline that stretches in mounds of white sands. For those that want a truly luxurious experience, this yachting destination is among the best.

Author Bio: Mike Berry is a yacht and boat enthusiast and a professional crew member, he is a big fan of Galatea services.