We all love to travel, in one way or another. For some, this entails having to fly to different countries and distant continents. Most people appreciate the foreign cultures, cuisines and traditions, characteristic of other nations.
There, too, are those who prefer their travels not too far away from home. Instead of historic sites, ancient ruins and grand museums or seashores, these people like going to other cities and immerse themselves in the culture, the music and fun of a night out in the metro. If you feel like you belong to this category, then you’re in for a treat. We present to you – in no particular order – some of America’s best cities to visit for a thriving night life. Happy traveling!

This one is pretty much a give-away. Anyone who loves games, entertainment, drinks and flashing lights should have gone to Vegas at least one point in his life. The city is – unsurprisingly – considered as the number one city for wild weekends and fun noise. Once you come here, there is only one thing expected from you: all-night partying. There are some who pass by for the occasional elegant dining experience and coffee, too.


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Bourbon Street has redefined grandiose partying in the modern world. What makes New Orleans stand out even more is the great attention to the smallest details. You can drown yourself in the local party and bar scene, the amazing people and establishments that abound here. After a night of rocking it, you can enjoy a good night (or day, perhaps?) of rest in the wide array of boutique hotels.


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Where else would a party-goer thrive than in a city that is opposed to sleeping? New York City is recently ranked as the least relaxing city in the country – while that generally sounds like a bad thing, it actually helps us make our point in this list. Other things New York is excelling at include the grand cultural diversity in its five boroughs – each of which brings its own taste of [good] crazy. Be prepared to pack a fat wallet, though, because the Big Apple experience comes at no cheap price.


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Get your cowboy boots on and hit this music mecca where people gather round either to watch gigs and concerts or to have a relatively mellow night of partying. We try to make this list well-rounded, so we included Austin, one of the cities frequented by locals and tourists alike who are the more health-conscious and less crazy kind of party animals.

Be ready to get your hats blown off as the Windy City tries to break the mold. No longer is Chicago just popular for its world-class pizza and local eateries. In this city, partying means both chowing down big portions of cuisine as well as lively night life gatherings. Among the party joints you should check out are Wicker Park, Boystown and Wrigleyville.


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This unincorporated US territory shows us just what nightlife partying means. In addition to being a prime destination for tourists from the country and across the globe. Forgot your calendar? Don’t worry about it! Here, every night can be Saturday and every day can be the weekends. There is no imperfect time to order a rum drink with friends. In bigger news, this city is even voted by the people themselves as the second best city in the world to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Although family gatherings would most likely fail in the beaches of Miami, there isn’t anything sloppy about their party scene. Here, you can expect everybody to look their best round the clock, impressing everyone from the sunbathing babes to the cute guys on the bar. Be sure to bring tons of cash, too.


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If music is your thing and live bands performing is what floats your boat, then there is no doubt that Nashville, Tennessee is the ultimate party spot for you. Its nights are filled with bars, pubs and restaurants catering to music fans and party people alike. And with good reason, too. The local beer in this city is listed in the top ten all across America. Don’t worry if it’s your first time or if you’re not a night owl by default – the very hospitable and friendly people will make every second of your stay worth it. Pretty soon you’ll find yourself running out of reasons to leave at all!

A lot of people might find it weird that we haven’t mentioned the City of Angels – the hub of all things Hollywood – until the late parts of this list. Even though the city has been given a B-list ranking and not-so high-up-there reputation in terms of live music and night-time parties, its locals still consider their home city as a fun place to spend weekend nights. The fact that you can never predict what will happen next is a great source of thrill for most, not to mention the chance of partying with A-list celebrities all night.

Another Californian paradise presents itself as the center of the best cocktails, diverse local people and espresso joints. If you follow these points in order (or not), you know you’re in for a great night in one of the best cities in the country. Some party scenes to check out are the Tenderloin, the Castro and the Mission District.

Rhode Island locals can attest to the huge parties held at this banquet of a city. With a diverse mix of cultures, live music, amazing performing arts scenes (and college students, if that counts), the fun here is founded on life’s simplest pleasures: great people, great beer, and great value for money.

When you think of Oregon, you might not think of crazy nights out in the city. Based on popularity votes, the city has had its share of bad rep for noise and a common chance of getting mugged. However, the recent increase in the number of microbreweries here than elsewhere in the whole country, Oregon has gained the rightful throne for microbrew parties. If there isn’t anything else you need for a great night of partying, then Portland is the place for you.


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