Don’t have much time but still want to have an unforgettable weekend in Aquitaine country side?

Then your choice is an exciting 1-day tour to the most significant and mesmerizing places in Bordeaux and its surroundings!

All you need for the trip is:

-    1 day from morning to evening
-    a rental car to travel around places
-    a credit card
-    an excellent mood!

Ready? We’ll start in the morning!

First of all let’s drive to the nearest gas station to get a full fuel tank, because we are going to travel much. It’s located at 2 Boulevard du Président Wilson (Relais du Trinquet gas station) or you can also visit another one at 127 Cours du Médoc (Total Access gas station).

Average fuel price is 1,3 EURO (1,8 USD) per liter.

Now there is only the road in front of us, and we set off to our first point – the Quinconces Square!

1.    The Quinconces Square

Address: Allée de Munich/Pl. des Quinconces,
Distance: 4 km
Drive time: 15 minutes
GPS Position: 44.845524,-0.573179
Length of visit: 1 – 2 hours


The Quinconces Square is one of the largest city squares in Europe. The main attraction of the square is a huge monument with horses and fountains. Depending on the season there may be beach competitions and amusement park.

Not far from the square there is a lovely promenade where you can find a lot of different entertainments. Taste one of the most delicious dishes in France – fried oysters! People are buying them “take out”, about 5-8 EURO’s (7-11 USD) per dozen depending on size.

The Quinconces Square is one of the best places in the world!  And now we’re going to drive to the legendary Notre Dame Church!

2.    Notre Dame Church

Address: 1 Rue Marbly Bordeaux 33000 France
Distance: 2 km
Drive time: 5 minutes
GPS Position: 44.84328,-0.57648
Length of visit: 30 minutes


This great architectural construction built in 17th century is situated in the centre of Bordeaux.

Tourists from all over the world come here to feel the breath of religious France.

This church has a very interesting feature. It rises majestically above all the buildings in the area, and for a small fee you’ll be allowed to reach the top and watch Bordeaux from the height!

Now we are starting to the northeast from Bordeaux to visit wonderful castles!

3.    Chateau de Roquetaillade

Address: Roquetaillade 33210 Mazères
Distance: 55 km
Drive time: 45 minutes
GPS Position: 44.492629,-0.269649
Length of visit: 1-2 hours


Roquetaillade is the most beautiful and the most famous Bordeaux castle which is owned by an ancient family. Let’s enter it! (Sometimes you might have to wait a half an hour for the tour to explore the castle).

You also can buy great wine and souvenirs there!

Visiting the ancient cattle-houses and wine cellars is also included to the tour, it shows the peasant way of life in those days.

And our next point is mysterious Chateau de Cazeneuve castle!

4.    Chateau de Cazeneuve

Address: 33730 Préchac
Distance: 15 km
Drive time: 20 minutes
GPS Position: 44.387918,-0.317631
Length of visit: 1-2 hours


The Château Royal de Cazeneuve is a historical 13th century castle that once had been a home to the kings of Navarre, and later – to the King Henri IV of France and his wife Queen Margot.

Enter the castle with a guided tour which costs only 8 EURO (11 USD). It includes a visit to the castle, caves of troglodytes, wine cellars with “tasty” bottles and barrels.

A nice bonus is the walk through the bamboo forest!

And then we’ll drive to the Jardin Public, an urban garden!

5.    Jardin Public

Address: Cours Du Marechal Foch
Distance: 66 km
Drive time: 50 minutes
GPS Position: 44.847517,-0.578674
Length of visit: 1-2 hours


It’s a nice park with a botanical garden and green lawns, where you can read a book and eat tasty rolls (We recommend you to buy rolls in “PAULS”).

Also you can try baguettes, cakes, sweets, and complex lunches there.

Carrefour shop is a place that must be surely visited!  There are a lot of home-made products in this wonderful store, from juices to cheeses, from canned to meat. Here you can have a great lunch and relax well.

Our next destination is Arcachon Beach!

6.    Arcachon Beach

Address: Rue des Marins 33120 Arcachon
Distance: 73 km
Drive time: 60 minutes
GPS Position: 44.660045,-1.152279
Length of visit: 1-2 hours


Let’s visit the great Arcachon Beach – the pearl of the Biscay Bay!

During the warmer months you can swim in the Atlantic Ocean and walk barefoot on the hot sand, and also ride on the carousel.

Usually there are a lot of people here because it’s the best place to relax, to take a walk, and enjoy a romantic sunset!

How to deal with car rental in Bordeaux?

If you want to make your own Bordeaux tour in a short time with comfort then your choice is a rental car!

Moreover, you will not spend your time waiting for a taxi or any public transport!

Just pick up a car rental vehicle in few minutes right at Bordeaux Airport upon your arrival. The car will be waiting for you there already after you make a booking online in advance. Use car rental Bordeaux Airport reviews to find out which car rental companies you can use. Drive into new feelings and emotions!

Our trip comes to the end, and it is time to return to the hotel… We hope you enjoyed the trip!

Author Bio: Lily Berns is a freelance writer. Travel is her ultimate passion and she loves to discover new places every day!