Are all cruises all-inclusive?
Cruise prices do come as a shock to many first time cruisers. It is a must to evaluate what the cruise line offers for a particular price. Most cruise lines include accommodation, food, dining, night time entertainment, port-to-port transportation and several other amenities. When you will add all these prices and compare it with any on-land vacation, you may realize that you are actually saving money! At the same time Ice cream bars, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, off-shore excursions, Spa treatments and some other luxury amenities are not included in the package cost of the all-inclusive cruise.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia by user Rapidfire

Image courtesy of Wikipedia by user Rapidfire

Will I get seasick?
Most people are scared of sickness before planning on a cruise vacation. It is best to consult your doctor before you make your bookings. The Sea sickness bug may ruin your entire vacation. Most cruise lines are well-equipped with medications. It is best to get a prescription by your doctor before boarding the cruise. Cruise lines are very big and well-stabilised , most of the times you may not even realize that the ship is moving. In any case, eating lite is the best possible solution to avoid sea sickness.

Does my Cruise line offer any Medical facilities?
Most cruise lines have onboard doctors. These doctors take care of temporary illness and accidents for a fee. Common medication are available onboard and can be prescribed by the on board doctor. Best thing to do, would be to take your medications with you or carry prescriptions. If you lose your medicines you can always show your prescription and buy medicines without consulting the onboard doctor and paying him any fees.

Will it be boring?
People usually think cruise vacations are mainly for newlywed and nearly dead! This is not true. You will find something to do at every corner of the cruise. There is no way this is going to be a boring vacation. You can play golf, swim, shop in boutiques, and also pamper yourself in spas. Cruise lines offer the best of both worlds. They dock at popular locations, where you can get a taste of local culture. You can pack the fruits and snacks in zip locks and carry it with you. By doing this, you can save money on buying lunch outside plus you will also save time and do more of sightseeing rather than spending time on figuring out your choice of  restaurants.

Can I keep in touch?
You must enquire your cruise lines to know if your room is equipped with a phone connection and a Television set. Most cruise lines do offer these two amenities through which you can update yourself with what is happening in the outside world. Also enquire about the rates, using the cruise line phone may be an expensive affair. You can also make calls using your cell phone. (Roaming rate apply). However, the best option would be to use the cruise line Internet centres and WiFi. You can send emails and update your friends regarding the off-shore excursion you took up. This is the most inexpensive mode of connecting with the outside world.

Will I gain weight?
It is said that, on an average 5 pounds can be gained while you are on the cruise. Do a research on what food items are available onboard. Most cruise lines offer low fat/low-carb options on their  menu. Cruise line menus are no longer one size fits all. Increasing number of people becoming cautious about healthy  eating habits has triggered onboard chefs to experiment and provide variety.

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