When being pulled in different directions by family and work-pressures, you often feel guilty then it’s time to pack your bags and head for a fun-filled place to bond with your family! For, it’s your family that forms the bedrock of your life. Children’s growing years and your own youth-hood are all ephemeral and time well spent with family gives you manifold returns later.

If you are in the dark about where to go, and if you nurture a ‘secret wish’ to boast about exotic places you have visited, then these holiday ideas should throw light by allowing you the pleasure of bragging. The laughter, glee, shrieks and cheerful faces of your partner and children are the ultimate reward!

Disneyland, Hongkong
As a destination, it might have been navigated by many, but the magic of Disneyland will never lose its luster especially if you have young children around. Visiting Disneyland in Hongkong is like revisiting your childhood! With characters straight out of fairy-tales, this place is sure to weave a magic, whose spell will continue to enchant you for a long time.

Consisting of 7 theme areas namely Main Street USA, Fantasy Land, Adventure Land, Tomorrow Land, Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point and Toy Story Land, Disneyland transports you to seventh heaven from where you’d hate coming down to earth!

Main Street USA – This is the entrance to the park and transports you to a bygone era with the décor resembling the 19th and early 20th century American culture.

Fantasy Land – It would be a sheer delight to watch your little princess gleam in rapture at the sight of Sleeping Beauty Castle. It’s as if all the Disney characters have come alive to welcome your children. Little wonder then that this fantastic place is aptly named Fantasy Land.


Image by Scott Cresswell
Adventure Land – If your little boy questions you with, ‘What’s in it for me’, then Adventure Land with its Tarzan’s Treehouse and Jungle Cruise is sure to unleash his wild side.

Tomorrow Land – Take a peek and find out what the future holds. Space Age and other attractions here, portray a future that’s yet to come. If traveling with old parents, this would perhaps exhilarate the older generation with a glimpse of what they can only envision.
Toy Story Land – Speed in Andy’s toy car or fly in Toy Soldier’s Parachute Drop, and become a child yourself. You’d thus compensate for all the lost time with your little ones back at home.

Grizzly Gulch – Depicting California’s Disney Adventure Park, these landscaped woods, with the picturesque mountains forming the backdrop is an enchanting paradise.

Mystic Point – Mysteries unfold and supernatural events unravel in the enchanting wilderness of a rainforest leaving both children and adults spellbound.

The fairy-tale wonders of Disneyland don’t end here, for numerous other surprises greet you at every step and when you finally leave Disneyland, you’d find the stark contrast between the real and reel world staring at you! Surely, you’d revisit the fantasy of Disneyland for years to come in the hinterland of your mind.

Sentosa Island, Singapore
Nothing to beat your trip to Sentosa Island than a joy-ride on the cable-car from Singapore’s Mount Faber, although it can be reached via a monorail and other modes. Housing a museum and other recreational marvels, Sentosa offers unbridled fun and frolic, even as its musical and natural wonders leave you mesmerized.

Lookout-Point-at-Sentosa – Singapore

Image by William Cho
The iconic Merlion Statute that towers 37 meters can never be missed. The serpentine path leading to the viewing galleries atop, never fail to get captured in your lens. The momentous time is when hordes gather to watch and hear the musical fountain show.

Catch the fleeting beauty of 15,000 live butterflies in myriad hues, splashed with contrast dots in the Butterfly Park! The Insect Kingdom too boasts of about 3,000 different species of insects. There’s no better way of instilling love for nature’s creatures than to take a trip here.

Underwater World is sure to leave even the most inhibited child wondrous, for, as you enter the Oceanarium underground, you’d be surrounded by several fish of varying sizes waddling towards you, the only irony being you cannot touch them, nor can they reach you.

Other attractions in Sentosa include the Wax Museum, Dolphin Lagoon and many more. A single day will not suffice and Sentosa’s hotels and resorts come to your rescue.

Disneyland, Anaheim California
Designed and built under the supervision of Walt Disney, this is a place to reckon with. Who will not be bowled over by Mickey’s Toontown and the wonders of Frontierland or awed by the Haunted Mansion? Monorail, Railroad Engines and Horseless Carriage are for aching feet and a ride on these is a treat for your eyes as well. Catch your family letting their hair down and throwing their feet up, as they run amok in ecstasy.


Image by fictures
Madam Tussauds, London
If quiet fun is your way, then Madam Tussauds is a perfect place to bond with your family. Young and old family members would love to gather around their favorite bust and get a photograph clicked. And when these snaps find their way onto the walls of your home, be prepared for gasps! Choose from a multitude of celebrities like Kate Winslet, Beatles and Martina Navratilova. This is a fantasy world by itself, because you need not seek appointments for a photograph with the Queen or Prince Williams, for, they’re there waiting for you to pose with them.


Image by Lasse Havelund
Chamber of Horror – Pass the most chilling moments, in the Chamber of Horror, as you pry into dungeons, tunnels and caves. Earth-shattering shrieks fill the air casting an eerie resonance that would send a chill down your spine for days to come. But, going down the alleys of history to catch a glimpse of horrendous practices is sure to cement your bond.

Caveat – If visiting with very young children, perhaps you must avoid this. However adventurous adolescence looking for a storm in the tea-cup, would appreciate this visit.

Replace the horrors of ‘Horror Chamber’ by transcending to cloud nine on the London Eye – ‘World’s Tallest Cantilevered Wheel’, if you have very young children. As you excitedly point out to the panoramic vistas yonder, your bond with family is sure to strengthen too.
Rovaniemi, Finland
A world away from the usual world, Rovaniemi in Finland is a magical haven for families. The cozy atmosphere, despite the harsh weather and its old-world charm makes for a perfect family escape, a holiday that you’d cherish together.

Santa Claus Village – With sleets and majestic pine forests, the Santa Claus village lends a delightful aura.


Image by Timo Newton-Syms
The mysteries of the universe unfurl with a single trip to Rovaniemi and what better way to offer Geography lessons to your growing children than to traverse this usually uncharted land on the Arctic Circle!