Are you looking for the best places to visit around the world together with your family and friends? Then you’re in the right place as we will provide you with the best destinations that will leave you wanting for more. They are the best places to have an amazing vacation.

In the Caribbean islands we have the Curacao which offers an amazing landscape for biking and hiking with friends. On this island you will have more than fun with friends and family. You will get to explore the beautiful scenes and sites. It is believed also that this island is ideal for romance as it is widely known as a honeymoon favorite for the newlyweds. For this reason the island is in the shape of a heart signifying its true nature.

Ambergris Caye in Belize is another destination to have your dream vacation. It is home to the second largest system of coral reef in the globe. This provides protection for the divers when exploring the area. This means that you will be able to see all the exciting features around the island of Ambergris Caye. The beauty of this island is unimaginable. The water around the island is magical. It is filled with turtle grass which gives it a beautiful green shade that brings out the beauty of the island.


Ambergris Caye Belize Beach

image by Deanna Keahey

The crescent appearance of the island of Santorini in Greece is aimed to take your breath away. It is located around a caldera that is filled with water. A visit to this place is a visit worth living for. It’s a scenery only royalties get to experience in their lifetime. Make a visit to the island of Santorini and get to experience the embrace and haven for the mighty.

Mexico is a land to be admired for its rich culture and beautiful sceneries. It is also home to Isla Mujeres which is has breath-taking white sandy beaches to admire and relax on. In addition to that, there are sailboats for the fishermen and birds where it’s a good place to take photos. The crystalline waters offer the best place for the visitors to sail on during their vacation. Once in Isla Mujeres, you are bound to have a vacation of a lifetime.

When you hear about Africa all you can think of is the amazing national parks and wild animals. Well Kenya is home to the Chale Island which is rich in birds, reptiles and mammals all together. You will get to bathe in the mud springs rich in the mineral sulphur which is known to have a number of health benefits. The scenery will take your breath away.

Take a visit to the land of love, Italy. A visit to Italy is not complete without the visit to Capri. When standing at the cliff of the island you are able to see the emerging limestone crags from the sea. From this position you can also view numerous boats on the sea. The hanging roads and gardens are an amazing site to remember and experience for a great vacation.

Easter Island in Chile is one of the least populated Islands in the world. Due to this isolation from human life and activities, it has enabled the preservation of its features. This includes the volcanic sculptures made of rocks that are believed to be about 1500 years of age. It is the perfect place to experience nature at its best.


Easter Island

Image by Nicolas de Camaret

Madagascar is an island all by itself. It is also home to the Island of Nosy Be which is rich in wildlife. In addition to that it has about 11 lakes formed as a result of volcanic eruptions. This is a great place to enjoy and admire wildlife and the many natural features as a result of volcanic eruption. The island is famous for being home to the smallest Chameleon and frog.

It is very rare that you find islands surrounding the water bodies. Well, if you want to experience this type of scenario then the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador is the place to visit. In addition to that the Islands are home to the marine reserves and park. This provides visitors with an amazing treat worth their visit.

If you have never been in paradise, then you have never been in Hvar located in Croatia. It is the new Garden of Eden from the proverbial saying. With its fertile plains on the coast, it gives rise to the growth of all types of plants including fruits. They include among them pine, olive and fields of lavender.



Image by Mario Fajt

There is no place like The Seychelles when it comes to having a marvelous vacation. It harbors the La Digue Island which is covered by the luxurious green vegetation. Among other breath-taking features includes the sandy beaches, formations of granite and unique birds’ species to watch and take pictures.

The Islands of San Juan in the state of Washington, U.S.A, is another place to take a vacation. In case you are a sporting person, then this is the best place to be. It offers kayaking to the visitors and whale watching. The rocky sandy beaches will offer the serene natural environment for you to enjoy the beauty of the Island.


San Juan Island

Image by Bureau of Land Management

In Polynesia, the Bora Bora Island offers all the romance that a couple could ever want. You will be in the presence of the lagoon and reef which will offer a colorful surrounding during your stay. This includes a two peaked volcanic mountain among other special features that will leave you wanting for more.

Channel Islands have 8 Islands to offer the most wonderful experience to its visitors. They are located in the U.S in the Pacific Ocean. They support animal and plant life and hence a perfect place to visit. Other natural features include caves and mountains among others.

Baros is an Island in The Maldives that is located close to the airport of Maldives. This will provide you with the best opportunity to take a short boat ride to your destination. In that case you will have the best time of your life during your vacation. It is home to clear waters and amazing vegetation to go with it. This will give you a serene environment for your vacation.



Image by Nattu

When traveling to a particular destination, it is advisable to make sure that you first sign up with a local travel agency. This will discourage any inconveniences during your travel in terms of time schedules and places to visit. Ensure that you carry with you everything that you will need during your traveling. As this will provide you with a smooth journey and stay at your intended destination.

You should make sure that you have outlined the places to visit before leaving the house. A list is advisable in this case where you will be able to cross off the places you have visited. This will help you to accomplish the objective of your visit with ease. Never leave a camera behind when planning for your travel. You should pack your camera as this will help you to capture memorable moments during your vacation.