If you like to sit in the sun with a nice sea breeze and sand, then this article is for you. People now-a-days have less time for themselves. So why not spend that time in pleasure and enjoyment. One of the great ways to treat yourself is to have a holiday on a beach. There are a lot of beaches in the world providing the best of their natural and man-made luxuries. I am going to tell you about 10 of the world’s best beaches.

10# Jamaica, Caribbean
Jamaica is a heaven for the people who love to be on a beach. Jamaica has got a massive coast line and has got 70 beaches along its coast. Some of them may charge for an entry because of the facilities and the security they provide. Many hotels near the sea are able to control access to the beaches making them their own private beaches. If you are lucky enough to stay in one of those hotels, you might get access to those beaches and use their facilities for free. Among the islands best offer is the Negril’s seven mile beach rife with deep sea diving.


9# Pacific Beach, San Diego, US
Pacific beach is a former neighborhood of San Diego. The beach is famous for snorkeling. It has a wide coastline with an immense tourist attraction. The beach has enough to offer for all kinds of age groups. Kayaking is one of the main tourist attractions.

8# Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Sydney is a high ranking city in the world and has hosted many major sports events in the world. Other than this, Sydney offers its high life on the beach at its best. With dozens of stunning beaches just half an hour drive from central part of the city, there are better urban beach places than Sydney itself. Bondi beach sees up to 35,000 tourists on a busy weekend.

7# Phuket , Thailand
Phuket is the biggest Island in Thailand. The island is mostly mountainous with lush green forests. It is also the most famous destination in Thailand. The reason it is the best is because its coastline is divided into bays that form intimate beaches. You can get a relaxing massage right on the beach. The locals greet you with a smile which gives you a safe and relaxed experience. Scuba diving is a spectacular tourist attraction in Phuket


Image by William Cho
6# Miami Beach, Florida, US
The warm and crystal clear Atlantic waters is one of the specialties of Miami Beach. Visitors swim, surf and jet ski with pleasure. Napping on the white sand is one of the favorite things to do for most of the tourists. You can work on a tan in the glittering sunshine, or could even watch beautiful people walking around. It is also a favorite spot for models and celebrities.

5# Maui, Hawaii, US
Maui consists of glorious black, white and red sand beaches. With a constellation of beautiful sandy spots and cool tropical trade winds, Maui has beaches which attract beach combers, surfers, picnickers and specially swimmers. It also has high quality restaurants and offers board hire.

4# Kauai, Hawaii, US
Kauai has plenty of shore line to explore along the sea. Its coast expands to 50 miles of beaches. Where ever you go, swimming is just great fun. Many people prefer beaches on the north and south coasts. It is because of the massive stretch of white sands. It is a paradise for surfers where they can refine their craft with joy.

3# Bora Bora, Society Islands, French Polynesia
Bora Bora is a small island but has got enough to offer for its visitors. You can sun bathe and swim on the sandy white beaches, even go for a 4*4 safari. One of the most famous tourist attractions is the natural under water park among fish and corals. You can always dive in and go for a check. Experiencing the thrilling shark feeding is great fun to watch.

Image by Thomas Wasserberg

2#Playa Del Carmen, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
The hot sun lights up with the white sand on this beach. This is heaven for beach loving kids and the ones who like lying under the sun or swimming in warm waters. Don’t forget to bring your sunglasses with you.

Image by Andrew Hitchcock

1# Dominican Republic Caribbean
The long stretches of white sand and blue waters make Dominican Republic the best of the beaches in the world. These beaches are ideal for bar lovers and especially jet skiers. One of the main tourist attractions is scuba diving. Tourist attraction rate for Dominican Republic is one the highest in the world

Image by mountainpete